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We are Bold.

We empower businesses and creators.

Meet our leading Ontario Marketing & Visual Media agency.

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Kilometres Flown

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RPAS Flights

Our Team Partners.

United through a passion.

At our partnership-lead business, we constantly look to better our own company and clients, to venture into new projects through a wide range of ideas, differing experiences, and our backbone - honest feedback.

James left, our President, has a deep background in web and marketing through in-field experience and having been in the industry for nearly a decade. Logan right, our VP, has years of experience in business development and working across the media industry, particularly with drones across Canada, Transport Canada licensed.

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Our Managing Partners at The Bold Bureau, since 2017 text behind them.
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"We must be bold."

John F. Kennedy – 1961

Our Bold Vision.

Built with Power. Empowering you.

Combining the power of Marketing and Visual Media is paramount to the results we deliver daily at The Bold Bureau. Strategizing through our wide range of services allows us to unlock the full potential in every project, and in your business. Our services aren't just built to tailor to your business or industry- they're built to work together in tandem.

"Never keep too many eggs in just one basket."





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Our Clients ♥

Our Priority at The Bold Bureau.

We understand that developing and maintaining strong client relationships is key to delivering exceptional results.

By fostering long-term partnerships, we are able continuously better understand their businesses, providing on-going support and often improve upon our services to help them grow and lead in their respective sectors.