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Say hello to The Bold Bureau.

Our Brantford-based studio duo works daily to empower Ontario businesses online and beyond through strategic & powerful marketing and media.

The Bureau's vision, first crafted on a few sticky notes and started in 2017 under Wagner & Co, today creates world-class websites and powerful marketing solutions while also pushing the boundaries of visual media across Canada through drones, photos & videos.

The Founders of The Bold Bureau seen together.

We're a step above the status quo.

Developing tangible statistics matched with robust client relationships. Let us help you grow and lead in your sector.

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Key questions, answered!

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Why choose The Bold Bureau for a website?

Our promise to you.

Since day 1, our web services have been build on the premise of using the best and delivering a superb site – unique and tailor built for every individual project.

P.A.D.E.L+, our web strategy,
Don’t just beat your competition. Lead them.
Designed and tailored alongside you.
A proven & strategic approach.
SEO friendly.

How big and where is your team?

We're a partnership business. A Dynamic Duo.

Meet us, James and Logan. Combined, over a decade of experience in business, across the marketing and media industry. We're excited to work full-time today at The Bureau.

Our studio is located in Brantford.

How much does a website cost?

We hate wide ranging quotes as much as you.

Our minimum web project cost is $3500.

We'll deliver a free project proposal and fixed-cost quote for your new website, it's just a few clicks away.

How long does it a website project take?

Most websites take an average of 4 to 6 weeks.

Each web project will vary depending on many factors such as your current web presence, unique projects needs and build complexity.

If you're in a hurry, we can be too!

How much does aerial media cost?

Due to the many factors at play, including airspace, laws and the exact purpose of the flight, the cost for aerial media is quoted on a per-project basis and we're transparent.

Visit Media Pricing or Contact Us for quote.

How long does it take to edit and release content?

Every shoot is different, going all-out with aerial videos, images, ground photography and RAW files requested takes a week or two to compile - but if you're in need of a quick turn around, we can make it happen.

Tailored Solutions

Industries Served.

Explore the industries we specialize in across Ontario.

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In the world of manufacturing, every detail matters. That's why we've honed our expertise in crafting bespoke strategies for B2B and industrial clients—strategies that encapsulate your unique manufacturing story.

Manufacturing Partners We ♥


We revolutionize retail experiences, building digital touchpoints that captivate customers and rejuvenate your brand. Transition from forgettable to standout, and establish yourself as a trusted leader in retail.

Retail Partners We ♥

Events & Venues.

From swift micro website creation to aerial media coverage for public events, we offer an extensive suite of services. Our expertise enables us to engage your target audience, fully utilizing every avenue to maximize impact.

Events & Venues Partners We ♥


Your non-profit's impact is a story that deserves to be shared widely. Using our expertise, we help narrate your unique journey, transforming it into an engaging digital experience. Our goal is to not only showcase your work, but also to invite audiences to connect with your mission.

Non-Profit Partners We ♥


Preserving and promoting your museum's legacy is our shared goal. Through our specialized services, we articulate your unique narrative, creating engaging experiences that highlight your museum’s cultural and historical significance.

Museums We ♥


Services encompass a wide spectrum, but through our tailored strategies, we help you grow and enhance your customer relationships. Our suite of services is designed to put your business in the spotlight, every day.

Service Partners We ♥


In a bustling cannabis market, standing out requires a special blend of aesthetics, storytelling, and accessibility. We leverage our expertise to craft unique web experiences and captivate audiences while showcasing your brand’s distinct appeal.

Cannabis Partners We ♥

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Humans do great things when they think Bold.

Our greatest accomplishments have been tackled by being brave and bold. Discover what it can do for you today.

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