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Unmatched versatility. Unreal perspective.

Awe-inspiring aerial views that will elevate your business and help it shine in the spotlight.

Maximizing results through safety.
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Meet our strategic approach to media capture.

Unleashing creativity and precision - with a relentless pursuit of perfection in every project, we leave no room for error ensuring both safety and satisfaction.

Process-Driven Projects

4K Videos and Photos

Tailored Media Formatting



Transport Canada logo

After discussing your desired project goals, we determine whether the flight falls under basic or advanced operations. With any advanced ops, we require 30 days notice for airspace approvals.

Initial Contact

Flight Plans

Site Survey



With flight approval, we craft a plan that aligns with your project goals - this includes anything from requesting a specific shot to setting up a group photo; leaving nothing to chance before takeoff.

Flight Approval

Content Plan

Capture Day



Once we’re back in the studio and out of the sky, captured content is edited and sent for review. When the media is to your liking, delivery of your media and invoice wraps the project up with a bow.


Project Review

Project Delivery


Inside THe Bureau


Our aerial services offer various results tailored to your needs.

4K Apple ProRes

4K Photo Resolution

360° Photos

Ultra-Wide Photos

Colour Grading and Clipping

Night-Time Ready

A DJI Mavic 3 drone

Flying for you.

Bring a new and lasting perspective to your business, in any industry.


Advertise and market through an unmatched perspective.


Events & Venues.

Make an unforgettable moment even more memorable.


Real Estate.

Set your listings apart from the rest with all-new perspectives.

Visual Inspection.

High-quality imaging, for the hardest-to-reach places.

Go with Great.

We don't just bring cool gear, we bring on experience and expertise that changes your perspective on great aerial media.

Canadian flag

Advanced Licensed

Transport Canada

Our pilots are fully licensed with Transport Canada RPAS Advanced Drone Licences, operating while prioritizing safety.

DJI logo, grey.

Superb Equipment

Our Ground Control

Equipped with DJI drones and controllers, we push our equipment to their limits with superior aerial capture quality.

Mighty Software

The Editing Booth

Leaning on Final Cut Pro daily, we've honed in our skills to craft superior cinematic videos. Trust in our expertise for your editing needs.

Turn heads. Literally.
Showcase with high-quality and interactive 360° images.

Questions? Answers!

Explore Aerial FAQ
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How much does drone media cost?

Due to the many factors at play, including airspace, laws and the exact purpose of the flight, the cost for aerial media is quoted on a per-project basis and we're transparent.

Visit Media Pricing or Contact Us for quote.

How do you plan drone operations?

First chatting photo, video and content goals with you, aerial operations are then planned through comprehensive site surveys to obtain the speediest approvals from Transport Canada when needed. We actively work to streamline processes while remaining in-depth in our planning, for both safety and great content.

How do you ensure safety during flight?

All of our operations are planned with safety in mind. From the initial site survey, to in-flight obstacle avoidance, safety vests and cones. We ensure all operations are flown within the bounds of the Canadian Aviation Regulations. We come prepared to stay safe while flying, and have plans in place for when things don’t go right.

Contact us to learn more about our safety.

What quality photos or videos will I get?

All aerial videos are captured in Apple ProRes 422 HQ Raw video format - often very big files! Images are also captured as DNG RAW format. For all content we deliver, while we compress the final product and ensure the format fits your needs, we always ensure quality remains paramount.

Contact us to learn more about files we capture.

How long does it take to edit & release content?

Every shoot is different, going all-out with aerial videos, images, ground photography and RAW files requested takes a week or two to compile - but if you're in need of a quick turn around, we can make it happen.

A photo of President John F. Kennedy giving his famous Moon speech at Rice Field in 1961.
"We must be bold."

John F. Kennedy – 1961

We are
"They hit it out of the park."

Paris Agricultural Society

A dynamic, season-tailored site that transitions from a leading non-profit to a fall fair every summer.

Q2 2023 - Present
"They hit it out of the park."

Freeman Station

Infused a historic station's with rich media and storytelling, boosting both virtual and real-world engagement.

Q4 2022 - Present
"They hit it out of the park."

High-Way Grass Bar

Curating a unique, mobile-focused journey that converts and delights.

Q1 2022 - Present

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Fly above everyone.

Our greatest accomplishments have been tackled by being brave and bold. Discover what it can do for you today.

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