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Built with Power – for any market.

Bold design, strategies and superb software help us create powerful websites that users love and users can find, often.

Proudly leading with No-code Tools.
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Don’t just beat your competition.
Together, let's hit Grand Slams.
Process-driven Projects
Built for Scalability
SEO Friendly
P.A.D.E.L+, our web strategy,

Meet PADEL+ crafted through experience. Our unique and proven approach is the key to unlocking your website online success.



After our first point of contact, we review your current web presence, direct competition, and analyze your market. Exploring a potential project, we outline key features, integrations, and a website sitemap.

Point of Contact

Market Research

Key Features

Website Sitemap

Project Estimate



Following initial planning, we present you with project substance. Including a strategy review, we bring forward a website sitemap and design visuals that will lead your new project and tailor the fixed quote.

Research Review

Strategy Approval

Design Strategy Approval

Fixed-Cost Quote


Design & Dev.

Designing your new website from a blank sheet, in collaboration with your team, tailors and maximizes every project. Beyond design, we get busy building your site for the masses, and begin optimizing across 100s of devices.

Full Website Design Approval

Desktop Development

Literature & Content

+ Devices



Although a new #1 website starts from the very first steps of a project, in this stage, we ensure your site is WWW search ready and smooth out any speedbumps before launch, so we're the only ones who feel them.

SEO Pages & Strategy

Accessibility Features


In-depth Bug & Strength Testing



Finally, the launch of your new website to the interwebs with your complete satisfaction – our process is built to ensure this is flawless.


Adapt with Data.

Our websites are built to last, but lasting requires adapting. Don't let your business stand still digitally; use leading tools and an experienced team to grow your presence today.

Our strong core.

Strength is built from the core, and so are our web services.

Webflow logo, blue.

Superior software

Wow with Webflow.

We chose to work with Webflow after looking for a platform that allows for daring ideas and our bold designs.

Simple and transparent

Fixed-cost Contracts.

Our fixed-price method provides a clear cost for every website, while also tying in flexibility to fit your budget.

Welcome to 2023

Leading with No-code.

No-code web platforms help us swiftly develop, design, and enhance your website - all without writing a single line.

• Site Editor (Text, Images, etc.)

• Suspendisse varius enim

• Low Annual Cost

Questions? Answers!

Explore Web FAQ
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How much does a website cost?

We hate wide range quotes as much as you.

Our minimum web project cost is $3500.

We'll deliver a free project proposal and fixed-cost quote for your website, it's just a few clicks away.

How long does a website project take?

Most websites take an average of 4 to 6 weeks.

Each web project will vary depending on many factors such as your current web presence, unique project needs and build complexity.

If you're in a hurry, we can be too!

Can I edit my website after launch?

You most certainly can!

Webflow provides an intuitive client-side editor enabling you to alter text, hyperlinks, images, and much more directly on your website.

In addition, we're quite accommodating for minor updates. Should there be any alterations needed, don't hesitate to contact us!

Why choose The Bold Bureau for a website?

Our promise to you.

Since day 1, our web services have been built on the premise of using the best and delivering superb results – unique and tailored for every individual project.

P.A.D.E.L+, our web strategy,
Don’t just beat your competition. Lead them.

Designed and tailored alongside you.

A proven & strategic approach.

SEO friendly.

Do you only build websites in Webflow?

After searching and experiencing other platforms for years Webflow became the clear leader allowing us to transfer designs, strategies, and empower websites with platforms and databases that help grow businesses.

To date, we have spent over 5000 hours in Webflow, devoting our time to extract a rich experience for each and every project.

How big and where is your team?

We're a partnership business. A Dynamic Duo.

Meet us, James and Logan. Combined, over a decade of experience in business, across the marketing and media industry. We're excited to work full-time today at The Bureau.

Our studio is located in Brantford.

A photo of President John F. Kennedy giving his famous Moon speech at Rice Field in 1961.
"We must be bold."

John F. Kennedy – 1961

We are
"They hit it out of the park."

Paris Agricultural Society

160+ years strong, Paris Agricultural Society, Host of the Paris Fair, is a vibrant rural heritage hub promoting agriculture & education.

Q2 2023 - Present
"They hit it out of the park."

Freeman Station

Burlington's Freeman Station - A restored train station, illuminating railway past, hosting community events & making new memories.

Q4 2022 - Present
"They hit it out of the park."

High-Way Grass Bar

Family-owned and run, High-Way Grass Bar is an old gas station turned into a leading cannabis dispensary in Scotland, ON.

Q1 2022 - Present

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Our greatest accomplishments have been tackled by being brave and bold. Discover what it can do for you today.

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