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High-Way Grass Bar


Cannabis Dispensary / Retail

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In a highly competitive and growing market, our approach to High-Way Grass Bar's site strategy was simple yet effective. We aimed to create a website with a unique design that would not only stand out but also leverage high conversions on their Dutchie powered eCommerce storefront. Additionally, we placed a strong emphasis on mobile design, considering the market's significant bias towards mobile usage.c

Our Partnership
Q1 2022 - Present
Built with Power.

Whether users are seeking a quick stop-and-shop experience or prefer to leisurely explore, we have crafted an enjoyable ride for everyone on the "High-Way" Grass Bar website. By incorporating custom menus, high-quality photos, and a strong branding presence, we have created a powerful online platform that perfectly represents their unique identity and offerings.

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Custom Open Hours Integration
Dutchie Intergation
Team & Store Photos
Custom Nav Menus
Age Verification Banner
Seasonal Aerial Promos
Content & SEO Strategies
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